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Staying On Task

Welcome, welcome! I’ve got some help for you to stay on task today. We all get super busy throughout the week and I don’t know about you, but I often feel as if I’m that plate-spinning caricature who is going to drop something at any minute. I have found over time that simply having a plan in place really helps me stay organized and make sure necessary tasks get accomplished.


The original source, Tips & Pix, doesn’t exist anymore, but you get the gist.

The need for this calendar is pretty self-explanatory. I have been getting overwhelmed when it comes to keeping my house in order. Not in a really bad my-house-is-a-pig-sty kind of way, but I have found a need for task reminders. I’m a HUGE list person so this is extremely helpful for me! I have a habit of making a big “to do” list and then trying to get it all done in one day. I work my ass off for that one day and while my house looks great by dinner time, I spend the next day or two paying for all that hard work in back pain. By the time I start getting the cleaning bug again, my house is disgusting and another full day of work is required. Not my idea of “keeping up”!

While the original picture is very cute, I went the cheap route and opened Microsoft Word (I suppose I had to pay for that too, but that’s neither here nor there). Following the basic plan, I changed the daily, weekly, and swing day chores to match what works for my home. I printed it and put the paper in a frame with glass. This wasn’t a purely cosmetic choice – since it’s glass, I can use a dry erase marker to mark off what I’ve accomplished throughout the day. This is also a good way to get folks to assist you! When your kids are just dying for a chore or someone visiting after you’ve just had a baby says “let me know what I can do for you!” – Well, now you have a simple answer.

Here’s a closer look at my calendar to help get your brain bubbling for what you need to put on yours:

Cleaning Calendar



Make beds

Wipe bathroom counter & sink

Empty dishwasher

Start laundry, if needed

Chore of the day


Load dishwasher

Wipe kitchen counters

Spot clean kitchen floor


Monday – Vacuum

Tuesday – Mop

Wednesday – Scrub toilets and tub

Thursday – Clean bathroom mirrors & windows

Friday – Swing Day

Saturday – Catch-up Day

Swing Day

1st – Polish furniture and cabinets

2nd – Scrub/wipe oven, microwave, & fridge

3rd – Vacuum Thoroughly

4th – Spot clean carpet

Between the original pin and my Experipin, that should get you going! This will take some stress away from what you have to get done every day. Besides, if you miss something, no worries. Saturday is catch-up day! As always, please don’t forget to follow my blog! It’s easy to get updates when a new post is up. And come back and leave a comment or leave a “reaction” at the bottom of this post when you try an Experipin for yourself – I love hearing from my readers!