Family & Maternity Pictures

Hello, faithful readers! I’m here to share some beautiful photos we had done several years ago when we were expecting Baby #2. The day of the shoot, my very pregnant self loaded my car up with clothes and props, made sure the big kid was full and awake, and hog-tied my husband. It was time for maternity pictures!

I love having professional pictures taken. Our photographer, Bethany Veach, is amazing – she knows us and has seen our family grow from pretty much Day One. If you happen to live in or visit the Memphis area and you need some photography done, I highly recommend you check her out. I love having her shoot our family because she has a talent for catching those small moments of time on film that make us who we are. Before we went out for our pictures, I naturally hit up Pinterest to get some ideas for poses. I wanted these pictures to be different than anything we had done before; we had super tender, loving maternity pictures done with our first son and I wanted this shoot to be a different expression of our family.

See what I mean? Oh, the old days. We were so young – only 23! I am so happy that we had the sense to photograph this time though, because our life is not like that any more! Alright, here we go!

Christmas pictures
Original Source – The Meadowbrook Blog

 I wanted to shoot for something like this with candy canes in it since Lucas’s due date was 12.28.

Original Source – Brooke Kelly Photography

20 creative pregnancy photos and newborn photo shoots

Original Source- The Daily Buzz

If it’s time for you to update the pictures hanging around the house or if you have a big family event happening (ya know, like having a kid or a special birthday party!), I highly recommend taking the time to find a wonderful photographer to snap your memories. Or just take them yourself!

These images are a moment in the life of the Lintons – a moment we’ll never see again. When my kids are grown, I hope they’ll look back on these pictures and see how much they are loved and wanted. I hope they’ll see our passion for them… and for each other. I hope they’ll know what love is, because they see it. And I hope they show these pictures to their kids one day. We aren’t perfect parents and there’s a lot of things we get wrong, but there’s one thing I can do for my kids. I can take pictures of them and with them (that’s an important one!). I can show them Mommy and Daddy when we were young. I can immortalize moments. I can show them how silly we all are. I can show them their childhood.

I can show them love.

You can too. Our kids need this. Take pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Well there ya go, folks. A day in the life of a few Lintons. This shoot was wild and so much fun. Have you ever tried to photograph a very active twenty-two month old boy? It’s… interesting, to say the least. You should probably make sure your photographer is a good kid wrangler too. I know mine is!

This weekend, try to snap a shot or two of your family… and get in there with your babies. I promise they don’t care about what you look like. They just need to see Mommy happy and in love with them. 🙂